The movement within our dance community toward Acro is increasingly. Over recent years Contemporary and Lyrical Contemporary in particular have benefited from the inclusion of many exciting acrobatic elements that have expanded the movement vocabulary accessible to choreographers. And beyond daily training classes, Acro has itself evolved to become a stand alone style at many competitions and Eisteddfods.  


And while some studios have large, dedicated spaces for Acro with properly conceived sprung gymnastic flooring, many studios are delivering classes on the more typical dance studio flooring, perhaps laying down some simple matting to absorb some of the intense impact forces experienced during take off and landing. And yet even studios with specific gymnastic flooring will often suddenly find themselves at competitions and Eisteddfods performing on standard wooden or linoleum draped stages without the benefit of the matts that those young, developing bodies have become adapted to.


And so we present to you the MDM ORCA, the most sophisticated Acro shoe ever designed. Building on MDM’s Dance Base Support as hailed in the MDM Protract and Protract Curve for jazz, the MDM ORCA is a major innovation and leap forward in foot wear construction. With inbuilt impact protection and the advanced alignment guidance technologies only found in the patented MDM range, the MDM ORCA is for all those working in acro and wanting to ensure they’re protecting young, developing bones to ensure a long, strong, happy and healthy dance body. 


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Child and Adult Sizing - full sizes only

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John Byrne, one of Australia's most revered dance teachers and creator of the CDA Syllabus highly recommends our shoes to his students, and also finds the Protract Curve the most comfortable and supportive shoe to teach in.

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