Whether discovering a new talent or rediscovering an old passion, so many of us are happily finding our way to a dance studio.

We recently received this lovely message from a customer who appreciates the benefits of the added support and structure of her MDM ballet shoes as she rediscovers her "inner ballerina"!


"Just had to give you some feedback. I love your shoes! I haven't been able to wear ballet shoes in at least a year because of varied foot issues, stemming from weakness in my core/spine. I was born toed-in and have struggled with pronation, plantar fasciitis, bunions & most recently, a metatarsal issue. I was looking for ballet Orthotics when I came across your shoes and I immediately felt comfortable in them! 

I also watched your story on YouTube and could relate. I was a collegiate, scholar athlete who converted to dance and received my minor in it in the early 80s, so while I look more like a ballet dancer, I was far more talented at Hip Hop and modern styles. Nonetheless, ballet is my refuge.

In the 2000s, I was in a very serious car accident at my 'day job' and have since had to have two spinal operations and two shoulder operations, resulting in an artificial disc L4-5, a 25% curvature, total shoulder replaced/reconstructed this April, permanent nerve damage. Every single disc up through my cervical area is now herniated. I live in chronic pain & bouts of depression when the pain flares.

Yet, my medical treatment team is completely amazed at how able-bodied I still am despite the injuries and how good my posture is - which I owe to dance, especially ballet. It is so very important to keep moving!

I am now 57 yrs old and take more of a slower, modern-ballet class. My PT tried to fit orthotics in my shoes but I couldn't wear them. She was also a dancer & treats mostly dancers; I can't wait to show her my shoes! And... to spread the word to other 'mature' dancers who are starting to experience hip, knee and foot issues. That is, I believe your shoe is great not just for the young developing dancer but for the generations of life-time dancers.

Hopefully, your brand will pick up in the US & internationally (I saw them in Canada). I sincerely believe you have a great product. In my 'day job,' I developed import-export business for the government and I think you've got a winner on many levels.

I've already ordered 2 more pairs! I've told everyone in class & shown them my bright pink, inner-soled MDMs! 

There are a lot of us re-discovering dance and our inner-ballerina in mid-life that is; many who can benefit from your shoes since a little added structure can also help us avoid injuries and dance more comfortably and safely in our 'Golden years' ....

I truly believe MDMs are a shoe for all ages and all 'stages'... 

A fan :)

Millie Pelletier in Maine, USA