Are you up to date with the rules of the footwear requirements for your dance school's ballet syllabus?

Not so long ago many of the major ballet syllabi required that students only wear a leather full sole ballet shoe to participate in their exams. 

We’ve come a long way since that time, as dancer training and syllabi have constantly evolved, and most have now opened their doors to new developments, innovations and even revolutions in design that allow for greater comfort, beauty and/or a new conception of the potential of foot wear that can better serve to protect dancer bodies over the medium to long term. 

Our experience has been however, that sometimes those messages aren't always making it to you; the teachers, parents and students.

We’ve therefore contacted most of the major dance syllabi in Australia to confirm their requirements, in order that you can purchase the right shoes with the confidence and peace of mind that they're able to be worn for classes and upcoming exams.


Syllabus Footwear Requirements

This page has been organised as a definitive guide to foot wear requirements by Australian syllabus for examinations. 

Click on your relevant syllabus where you’ll find what you need to know about your syllabus and what they expect in terms of footwear for exams.

MDM shoes are accepted for examinations in each of the Syllabi listed below.

In alphabetical order;

The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet ACB 

Australian Dance Vision ADV 

Australian Institute of Classical Dance AICD

Australian Teachers of Dance ATOD

Ballet Australasia BAL

British Ballet Organisation BBO

Cecchetti Australia

Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing CSTD

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing ISTD

Royal Academy of Dance RAD


What Makes MDM Shoes Unique?


The MDM Hybrid Sole is the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

In a world first, MDM has designed a shoe that fuses the functional resistance of the full sole and the aesthetic properties of the split sole to produce the most complete dance shoe ever designed. 

While at first glance the MDM Hybrid Sole appears to be a split sole shoe on closer inspection it is so much more. The full sole, necessary for those starting out in ballet, has been engineered into the lining of the shoe and specially contoured to provide for increased activation of the arch. 

With the Hybrid Sole, which is only available via MDM, you get everything in one shoe.

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