The profile is a stretch ballet slipper that has been in development for over two years. It conforms to the foot like a second skin and is built using material developed exclusively for MDM; a high tensile strength material designed to last. The Profile contains MDM's patented Dance Base Support, so while the shoe offers unique performance based features, it still conforms to safe dance practice requirements.

We have injected every ounce of our experience into the development of this shoe and we are so confident that this is indeed the world's best, we urge dancers to compare The Profile against all other stretch ballet slippers available.

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The Profile is a shoe that fits perfectly, with flawless aesthetics. The very nature of a stretch shoe lends itself to an effortless for and seamless look. However, the MDM Profile is the only stretch shoe with that combines these cosmetic ideals with safe dance practice and injury prevention features.

The Profile utilises the MDM Dance base Support technology to offer support and alignment guidance to protect the wearer. In addition, the Dance base Support makes it possible to provide the ultimate clean line at the arch.

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This is an exciting moment for us at MDM because the Profile completes our beautiful ballet slipper range. We can now say, with great confidence that ew have a ballet slipper for every dancer; intelligently designed for every stage in a dancer's journey.

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At MDM we refuse to believe that one shoe fits all, nor that one shoe can possibly work for all occasions. As such, our focus as an industry leader is to craft intelligently designed foot wear for dance that provides dancers of all ages and technical capabilities with the shoe that makes sense at their stage and ability.
— Tim Heathcote - CEO | MDM Dancewear
 photography - kevin lange

 photography - kevin lange




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Featuring MDM Muse, Juliet Doherty

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