A thought experiment.

With all we now know about materials, technique training, the importance of injury prevention, the science of anatomy and physiology, comfort and aesthetics; imagine your ideal ballet shoe...

Knowing what we now know our ideal ballet shoe;

  • Should provide the necessary resistance to activate the muscles of the metatarsal and assist in building strength in that area while moving through tondue.
  • It should of course be aesthetically pleasing, contouring around the toes, into the arch and around the heel in one elegant, effortless sweeping line.
  • It would provide impact protection to absorb shock from landings to assist with dancer longevity.
  • It would be effortless to fit, seeming to pull on like a glove, hugging the foot in an embrace.
  • And it would assist the dancer to develop an improved awareness and relationship with their foot; between their body and the floor.
  • It would help them feel their alignment and placement, gently cueing them when they’re in a less than optimal position.
  • It would be machine washable. 
  • It would be a more environmentally friendly shoe, using less of our Earth’s finite resources to produce. 
  • And it would grow with the young dancers foot a half size, a full size or perhaps even a full size and a half with ease.
  • And it would go the distance


At MDM we’d never suggest we’ve made the perfect shoe. Because at MDM we’ll always be looking to improve; to be a little better tomorrow than we are today. But with our new Intrinsic Profile performance, we’ve come closer than any shoe ever has. 


The Intrinsic Profile Performance shoe - like you, today we’re one step closer to our dream.