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Getting to know our Junior Ambassador, Alice McArthur.

How old are you?

I'm 14 years old. 

When did you start ballet, what is the story?

I started ballet when I was 4 years old. To start with, my mum got me into it, she used to dance with the Royal Ballet Company and has a Dance Pilates studio so I was surrounded by lots of dancers. I wanted to learn myself and soon after I developed a passion and love for ballet.



What do you love about ballet? 

I love getting lost in a performance onstage... I love that you can either be expressing your own emotions, or you can create a character to express someone else completely.

I love the pleasure I can bring to people when they watch me perform.

I love the way you can get lost in movement and all of a sudden you forget everything else that is going on.

What is your dance dream?                                       

To be able to keep dancing for the joy of it until I am too old to dance at all.

Do you have a favourite dancer, what is it about her/him that inspires you?

My favourite dancer is Hannah O'Neill who is a Principal dancer (premiere danseuse) with the Paris Opera.

I have known Hannah since I was little and I admire her determination and elegance and love her extremely beautifully clean lines. Onstage she is stunning, she draws your eye and commands the stage.

I even had the opportunity to interview her for Movitae, where we discussed everything from becoming a professional dancer, her favourite roles, fashion, life at the Paris Opera and everything in between!

Here is the link below to watch! 



hannah o'neill of paris opera ballet, performs esmerelda

hannah o'neill of paris opera ballet, performs esmerelda


What has been your proudest dancing achievement to date?

In May this year I got to dance the Dying Swan solo with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra as part of a children's series they were doing. It was such an incredible experience to be onstage with a live orchestra, the solo cellist was amazing.

alice getting ready for 'dying swan' performance

alice getting ready for 'dying swan' performance

You travelled overseas earlier this year, how did that come about?

In April last year I did the Alana Haines competition in Wellington and won a scholarship to the John Cranko School in Stuttgart Germany for three weeks. I learnt so much and it was great to connect with other young dancers outside New Zealand. It was lots of fun to experience Europe and the UK also.

alice also caught up with another mdm ambassador, ines mcintosh of paris opera ballet school

alice also caught up with another mdm ambassador, ines mcintosh of paris opera ballet school

Did you see any performances whilst you were away that particularly inspired you?

In Stuttgart, I was lucky to see the Stuttgarter Ballett perform a Cranko triple bill ballet which I loved, the dancers were so artistic and it was exciting to see Cranko's choreography. After Stuttgart I also went to London and Paris. I saw the Royal Ballet do Peter Wright's magical production of the Nutcracker, I am a big fan of Yasmine Naghdi and Francesca Hayward who I saw dance, and at the Paris Opera I saw Nureyev's Don Quixote and got to see Hannah O'Neill dance, which was such a highlight.


yasmine naghdi, royal ballet

yasmine naghdi, royal ballet

What are your dance goals for this year?

To improve my clarity of lines and positions as well as getting strong enough to develop more artistry.


What do you like to do outside of dance?

I love skiing when I get the chance, I also like skateboarding. For my 14th birthday recently I went skydiving, I would love to do more if I have the opportunity.

Do you have a secret talent?!?

I can bend my thumb all the way back to touch my wrist, not forwards but backwards.

What has been your favourite time on stage?

I got the opportunity to dance Clara in our end of year concert a few years ago. It was so much fun!

Do you have a funny moment you can share with us, has anything ever gone wrong?!?

I think I may have looked funny when I went to do Cupid and the Aurora's wedding music came on!

Favourite book?

Wonder by R. J. Palacio. The movie is good also.

Favourite quote? 

"Anyone can find the dirt in someone, be the one who finds the gold."

alice wears mdm antares leotard in maroon

alice wears mdm antares leotard in maroon


Thank you Alice, we look forward to supporting and following your dance journey


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