Meet Grace!

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Wrap up!

After long days of classical coaching, classical class, contemporary coaching and contemporary class prix has finally come to an end. I truly could not be more grateful for this incredible experience. It has taught me so much and have gained so much new knowledge; I enjoyed every single part of it and loved all the teachers. I met so many amazing people that I’m sure I will keep in touch with and run into again throughout my life.

Dancing on that amazing stage was another whole experience in itself, I have never danced on a rake before so at first it was daunting but I soon got used to what had to be done to still perform at my best. All of the teachers were very understanding of the situations and helped us as much as possible. 

I am forever grateful for everyone who helped me get here 🌎

On the last day of “Prix” we had our networking forums, I was offered spots at 8 different international schools, I am so happy and so excited about the schools I was offered! I’m very thankful for being able to share my experience through MDM, though I have not yet made my decision for my future training, i’m sure some exciting news will be coming very soon. 🌈

Here are a few more photos from my time at the Prix de Lausanne, 2019. Thanks for following my diary!

love Grace xx

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Day 1 - 3

I am absolutely loving my time here at the Prix de Lausanne! Although at times it has been tough and pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, I can’t be thankful enough that I was chosen as a candidate.

Here are some photos from day one to three. Hope you’re all watching the live streams. 🌈

- love Grace - (no. 122) xx

1.outside theatre de beaulieu 2. registration day 3. dressing room

1.outside theatre de beaulieu 2. registration day 3. dressing room

Some images from our Contemporary rehearsals!

photos - gregrory bartardon

photos - gregrory bartardon

I’ve arrived!

I’ve arrived in Europe and it’s all getting very real now! I was fortunate to be able to take class at the famed John Cranko Schule in Stuttgart and it was amazing, I loved it!

  1. My suitcase with all of my favourite and essential ballet things (most of it is MDM! 💗

  2. At the hotel stretching after the looong flight!

  3. Ready for class!

  4. My arabesque in Stuttgart!

Can’t wait for the Prix to start, I’ll update when I can so stay tuned!

- love Grace xx

The preparation.

"Every day I have been rehearsing and trying to perfect my solos for the prix de lausanne. I’m getting very excited but also feel the nerves rising. I will be doing Woodland Glade fairy for my classical and Rossini cards as my contemporary piece. I have been really enjoying learning new dances and experiencing new styles. The preparation has been so much more complex than I had expected. I have been going to costume fittings, stocking up on all my dance items, lots of photoshoots and of course, packing all my things together. 
MDM have really help me through getting ready for prix because I have a wide range of coloured leotards that I wear for my rehearsals and I always wear my Intrinsic Reflex ballet shoes. 
The mental preparation has also been very important for a clear determined mind, every lesson I have to bring myself into class with a clear brain and have to recognise all the things I need to focus on. I’m flying out very soon so I would like to thank everyone who has been apart of my preparation, I appreciate everything 🌷💖 stay tuned for more about my Prix journey." ✨ 

- love Grace xx

grace pictured wearing mdm antares leotard, maroon.

grace pictured wearing mdm antares leotard, maroon.

Grace Humphris, one of our beautiful Junior Ambassadors Grace is 15 years old and trains under the directorship of Brett Morgan at the National College in Newcastle.

Grace is keeping us up to date with a diary of her Prix de Lausanne experience. The "Prix" offers so many opportunities to those competing; from scholarships and placements at the world's most prestigious schools, to seeing how training differs and meeting and making new friends from all around the world! These wonderful experiences combined with the exposure it gives to the dancers, conspire to make this life-changing experience one that they'll treasure forever.

We'll check in with Grace during and after the competition, so stay tuned for updates and make sure that you follow her on the livestream during the competition!

Sending our best wishes to Grace for an unforgettable time.

~ MDM 💕💕💕

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