By Josef Brown


Most parents know and respect the power and relevance of a good education. It's well known that many parents nowadays start planning, or at least considering their children's education before they're even born or in the first years soon after. 

As parents and role models we appreciate that these are formative years that will set up our children for a lifetime of positive learning experienced and potentially establish the skills and emotional and intellectual outlook that will give them the best possible chance to find a life of meaningful, engaging work however that might be envisioned. At the end of the day, we appreciate that a good education is the ultimate gift; the gift that lasts a lifetime with an influence that will outlive that of the giver. 

Though arguably generally less values by our society, our children's physical education is no less important and fundamental to their overall well being. A good physical education will also set them up for a lifetime of positive learning and engagement with their bodies and we all know - particularly those of us at a certain age - that good physical health is almost essential for ageing well. 

As an interesting aside in order to contemplate the importance of movement, consider the humble Sea Squirt. Commonly seen clamped onto rocks along our coastlines, the Sea Squirt starts it's life as an animal swimming the oceans. Upon finding warm water with food passing by it locks down onto a rock and there is stays for the rest of it's life. 

Most interesting and relevant for this discussion, is that one of the first things the Sea Squirt does after wedding itself to a rock is proceed to eat its own brain. Why? Because it is no longer required. The brain was necessary for movement, for the organism that was an animal, but now that is essentially non-moving i.e plant like, it no longer requires a brain and the nervous system and muscles that are there to provide movement towards or away from pain and pleasure. 

Arguably then the brains highest purpose is to help us decide how to move. And if that is true, then it is possible that dance, arguably our oldest known story telling and expressive art and form is the highest expression of the human brain. Such a position of course turns the under-valuing of dance in our Western culture on it's head (excuse the pun). 

And so I believe we really need to evaluate, respect and value our children's physical education for what it is; a gift that establishes the skills, conscious bodily awareness and relationship with their physicality and physical health that will serve them for their whole lives; no less important as Maths, English or Science studies, etc. 

And therefore dance, as potentially the highest expression of the purpose of the human brain should be at the forefront of that education, as it challenges the body - and also the brain - with increasingly complex movement patterns. And just as we supply the best tools and equipment to ensure the best functioning of our intellectual capacities, that physicality too needs to be properly supported and that is why MDM exists. Because the MDM Dancewear range has been engineered to properly value the physical education that our children are engaged with in dance. 

With MDM you're valuing the gift of education that will last for the lifetime of your child.