image: the daily telegraph

image: the daily telegraph

Dance Informa recently interviewed some of the Australian's heading to the Prix de Lausanne and here's one face that won't go unnoticed. 

Thomas Dilley



Age: 17

School: Queensland Ballet Academy

Previous training: Premiere Elite in Tuggerah, NSW. (Back there now to train with teacher Kahlia Mehmet).

Awards and accomplishments thus far: Top 13 Male Dancers at 2014 YAGP Finals; invited to the 2017 YAGP New York Finals.

Top dance icon: "I really find Semyon Chudin so inspirational with such amazing technique and artistry."

Favourite dancewear: "I have a new favourite thing, and that's my new MDM ballet shoes. They are the most comfortable, supportive shoe I have ever worn."

What can we find him doing on his off day: "If not at the studio, I am usually at the gym or swimming."

Favourite meal to cook: "I love to roast vegetables."

Something people might not know about him: "I have an addiction... which is watching ballet on YouTube every spare minute I have."

How he is training for the Prix: "My training was held back, as I had a foot injury and was very limited as to what I could do. I am only now allowed to do everything full out, so I am at the studio daily trying to catch up."

What his Prix goals are: "To perform the best I can in the hope of receiving offers to further my ballet career."

Most looking forward to at the Prix: "I am looking forward to working with some great teachers/choreographers, and performing on an amazing stage for an equally amazing panel."



You can help Thomas get to Prix de Lausanne here:

Banner image: Damien Tierney