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Getting to know our Junior Ambassador, Ruby Walczynski

How old are you?

I'm 14 years old. 

Where were you born?

I was born in Adelaide, but when I was just 9 months old my family and I moved to Canada. I lived there until I about 4 years old, we then moved back to Australia and settled in Sydney.

What made you start ballet?

When I was very, very little, I was constantly moving and fidgeting. In fact, I would walk around on my toes for fun! My mum thought she would put all this energy into something useful and decided to take me to my first ballet class. Funnily enough, I loved it!

baby ruby!

baby ruby!

Where do you train?

I started at Northbridge Dance Studios, which is a lovely dance school, full of lovely people. When I started my full-time training at the beginning of this year, I moved to Tanya Pearson Academy, Sydney.

When did you decide you wanted to be a professional dancer?

I remember a couple of years ago when I was 11, I watched a company perform The Nutcracker. I was in awe leaving the theatre. I was so inspired by not just the dancers, but by the story, the music, the set and the choreography. It was all so beautiful and I remember saying to my mum, ‘This is what I want to do! That is where I want to be, on that stage!’.

You recently started full time training - has it been a big change for you?

Adjusting to full time training wasn’t too hard for me. Your energy levels drop quite suddenly within the first couple of weeks, so it was really important to me to maintain good healthy habits like healthy eating and a sleep routine. Luckily, the studios are only ten or so minutes away from my home so I am able to stay with my family. Generally, I dance from around 6 to 7 hours a day, then I’d fit around 2 hours of school work in afterwards.

What do you love about ballet? 

I love being committed to an art form that allows you express yourself so much through movement and music. I also really enjoy classical music and I find that dancing allows me to appreciate and truly enjoy the music.

What is your dance dream?                                       

My dance dream is to be a principal artist of a well known company like The Royal Ballet or Paris Opera Ballet. Both companies acquire such an amazing repertoire of all of the well known classical productions. And from their principal artists, to the corps de ballet members, their technique is just flawless, both of their schools each offer amazing training.

And well... I absolutely love productions like Giselle, The Nutcracker and Swan Lake and each one has such beautiful music, choreography and such a wonderful storyline. Being a lead role of either or all would be a dream come true!

 Do you have a favourite dancer, what is it about her/him that inspires you?

I really find dancers like Olga Smirnova and Yasmine Naghdi inspiring because of their pure technique and line. They both have such beautifully developed artistry and they display that with their every move.

olga smirnova, swan lake

olga smirnova, swan lake


What has been your proudest dancing achievement to date?

I haven’t competed in many competitions, but of the few that I have, I would have to say that I was quite proud when I received a short term scholarship to Houston Ballet Academy at the YAGP.

What are you working towards at the moment?

At the moment, I’m training for the Robert & Elizabeth Albert Scholarship in the City of Sydney Eisteddfod. I’m trying to stay positive and open minded as it is such a prestigious competition. My fingers are crossed, but I’m participating for experience, not first place!

“Great attitude Ruby!” - MDM.

ruby practicing in the studios at Tpa.

ruby practicing in the studios at Tpa.

What are your dance goals for this year?

My main goal this year is to strengthen my foundation and polish the basics so that I can perform difficult steps confidently.


What do you like to do outside of dance?

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, baking, writing and reading.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

My mum always knows what to say, she always reminds me to ‘Trust the process.’

ruby at the studio in her mdm intrinisc profile 2.0!

ruby at the studio in her mdm intrinisc profile 2.0!


Thank you Ruby, we look forward to supporting and following your dance journey


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